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My Vision

Howdy, My names Karla Pinto and I'll start by saying that your nudes are safe with me.

Since an early age I have always been captivated by the female body. Every time I picked up a paintbrush or charcoal my first instinct was to draw the feminine curve of a woman's hip or a side profile of a naked woman. I have always seen and appreciated the true, raw beauty of the female form and have felt the need to artistically capture it.


When I picked up a camera it wasn't any different. I knew I wanted to capture women of all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes and truly capture every woman while they feel sexy and empowered. As a woman we are mislead by beauty standards to believe you can't have acne, tummy rolls, scars or stretch marks to be beautiful- but the truth is I see all of these things to show that these beautiful multi-functional soul transporters are capable of living out our wildest dreams.

Photography is such a powerful tool that I plan on using to promote female empowerment. Confidence can be contagious. Being comfortable in our own skin is intoxicating... but empowering another women? Absolutely exhilarating



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